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Nov 17 2011

Musings on an 80 degree November night in Chapel Hill…

Hello world.

I have never been one for diaries, journals, or anything else of the sort. I tend to be really enthusiastic about the idea to start with, but after a few days or weeks depending on my mood and the amount of free time I have (or typically don’t have), the journal gets relegated to the floor, and then a drawer (where it is hastily stuffed during a last minute room clean), and there it is summarily forgotten.

I will try to be better about sharing my experiences, thoughts, and feelings here over the course of the next year. I think that doing so will not only provide a great outlet during my first year with TFA, but that it will also serve as a source of reflection as I move forward in my experiences over the next few years.

Last week, I was invited to join the TFA 2012 New Orleans Corps. Words cannot describe how proud and honored I was to be invited to become part of this organization. Over the past few weeks I have gotten to know some of the other UNC seniors going through the application process, and I know many are considering TFA as an option for next year, but are still deciding if this is something of which they definitely want to be a part. For me, that was never a question, it was always a resounding yes.

The summer after my freshman year of college I spent as a camp counselor on the lake shores of Maine. It was one of the most remarkable, transformative experiences of my life and for the first time I realized that maybe, I was meant to teach. Am I meant to teach? Will I be effective? Will I be able to transform the lives of the students I come into contact with? Will I be totally overwhelmed when faced with the reality of US Public School Systems?

I don’t have those answers yet, but I’m sure that the next two years will prove to be enlightening. I know that the road ahead will be challenging, but I am looking forward to the experience, to finding those answers and maybe, finding out more about myself in the process.

I have one more (and a bit) semester of college left before I leave the collegiate perfection that is The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill behind for the exotic world that is New Orleans. Until that time, I am enjoying the end of my college career, preparing for the holidays, and beginning to wrap my mind around the changes to come. I have found Steven Brill’s book, Class Warfare: Inside the Fight to Fix America’s Schools (http://www.amazon.com/Class-Warfare-Inside-Americas-Schools/dp/1451611994), to be incredibly enlightening and highly recommend it.

Alas, as its now 2 am and I have yet to finish a paper that is due in a few hours, I sign off.

For now I leave you with this thought:

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” – Barack Obama

Over and out.


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